What is your new normal?

What is your new normal?

Hello to everyone trying to get through life

So here is the thing, we all going through life, we are all trying to live OUR version of normal. No manual, no instruction guide, no 21-day challenge and after that you have it, the secret on how to live your life. We all just humans figuring things as we move along swiftly.

This new virus (COVID 19) has thrown a spanner in the works, we thought that we had it all figured out now, didn’t we? In a past life is was about studying, working, earning money, coming into a high earning job, buying the fancy apartment/ house and car that comes with the money you are making.

During the evenings, weekends and on holidays we spent most of our time documenting every single aspect of our lives. Taking photos of all of our moments, from the food we eat to the much-needed selfie of our new hairstyle or the new clothes that we bought. Never really making a conscious effort and taking the time to enjoy each moment, we were always using up our moments to capture the memory not realising that in so doing we were actually losing the essence of that experience.


Did we stop to feel the warmth in our bodies when we hugged someone, did we explore and enjoy the flutter in our hearts when we kissed someone that we loved. Did we give anything 100% of our attention, or were we so busy trying to document it all? Did we enjoy the priceless moments or were we occupied on the computer while taking a call with a loved one, were we checking that last email around the dinner table, were we jumping in bed and going through our social media before we sleep.


So, what now? COVID 19 has us all thinking about the way we are living our lives. Today we begin the 21 Day Lockdown in South Africa.  I am throwing this out there to all of us trying to get through life, what is our new normal? There is nowhere to go, the only fancy food you can take pictures of is the food that you cook. There is nowhere to be; there is nowhere to hurry too? Small things that we took for granted is no more, visiting family, going to the supermarket, interacting with colleagues, celebrating momentous occasions with people, taking a drive, and so much more.


I am going to be documenting my new normal during this lockdown period, and please share yours?

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