Take back your power and free yourself from unhealthy thoughts and emotions

Take back your power and free yourself from unhealthy thoughts and emotions

Do you?

Do you feel trapped?

Do you feel that your mind is consumed with negative thoughts?

Do you feel like you are on repeat and the record that is playing is  becoming destructive to your well-being?

Do you feel like your life is filled with drama?

Do you feel that you are creating toxic relationships with others and yourself?

Do you feel like a castaway?

Do you feel like you are no longer in control, and your life is running away from you?

You are not alone

Most of us experience one or some of the above at some point in our life. You are not alone!

The dark side

Every so often we get caught up in a pattern of operating from our dark side, we forget that there is another happier, lighter side to who we are. It’s as if we were born a bright light illuminating the world, then life and everyday experiences happen, and it slowly begins to cast a shadow upon us dimming our light along with it.

Until one day we cannot even connect to the light inside of us. This results in us operating from our dark side, displaying behaviour and emotions that is unhealthy. We get so used to this dark side and the behaviour that accompanies it, we lose sight of who we are, where we are and what we truly want in life.  Somewhere along the way, we lose our way.


We are all products of life, circumstances and experiences that date back to our childhood. We cannot change the past, we cannot undo experiences had, we cannot disregard emotions felt, BUT, we can slowly remove the dark layers formed throughout our lives and uncover the light within. One moment at a time, one day at a time, we can work on ourselves.

I believe that one of the first steps to healing is acknowledging that there is a darkness that needs to be brought back to light. It is doing self-reflection and identifying areas within yourself that requires work. It’s being able to recognise where you need to heal, grow and develop. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for life.It will take perseverance and patience. You need to work on YOU because no-one else is going to do it for you.

From darkness to light

Nirvashni Govender from BodhiMax Consciousness advised that breathwork, journaling and affirmations are 3 steps that could help you move from darkness to light.


When you feel that dark side creeping up on you, try practising breathing. Long deep breaths can take you into your core, immediately bring you back to centre, slowly calming your overwhelmed self.


Once you have caught your breath and have some control over the situation, you can journal. Journaling is a great way to release immediate feelings. It’s almost as if you are getting that thought process out of your system and energy field by giving it to the journal entry.  Nirvashini gives us some quick tips on how to journal our feelings. (Video)

Later this journal could be used as a point of reflection. It is always good to be able to unpack what you felt, asking questions like why do you think that that specific issue or person made you feel a certain way, why did it evoke particular behaviours? What can you do to react differently in the future?


Write down the good things about you and use them as affirmations while u do tapping.

If you don’t want to do tapping that is okay.  Try writing down 5 good things about yourself and affirm these positive attributes within you. Look at yourself in the mirror and say the affirmations, or while you are laying in bed,  or making a cup of coffee.  A few kind words to yourself can go a long way. Affirmations can also help you to become aware of your thoughts, words said to ourselves and others, and lastly, it assists in preventing negativity from seeping into our lives.

If you feel that dark side creeping up on you, breathe, journal (if possible in that situation) and say a few affirmations in your mind. I hope that this helps in some way. 

Remember, there is no quick fix to life, so baby steps.


After you have tried some or all of the above and you still feel like your dark shadow is overwhelming, perhaps try talking to someone. Bodhimax has online 1 on 1 sessions that could support you in moving forward to release the darkness, move into the light, paving the way to live your best life now.

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