Life lessons that I learnt from my dog!

Life lessons that I learnt from my dog!

How Gizmo teaches us meaningful life experiences

Have you ever sat and watched your pet? I mean really just sat back and watched them and their every movement, their gestures, how they wander around perceiving the world? Have you ever sat and wondered that if they could talk, what would they say? I have learnt so many life lessons from just observing my dog, perhaps the life or the demeanour of our pets is how we should strive to be as humans? I would like to share with you the lessons that I have and continue to learn from my dog Gizmo.

Lessons I learnt from my Gizmo 

Enjoy the moment

When my husband or I spend time with Gizmo all of his energy and attention is given to us. There is no thought about yesterday, or what’s going to happen tomorrow, at that moment he gives us all of his attention. He enjoys our company and focuses on the task at hand the end (fetching the ball), giving it his all. Life Lesson: Live in the moment!

Loves unconditionally and always forgives

Gizmo has mad love for both my husband and I, there are times when he is a trickster, and we may call him to order and raise our voice, seconds later all is forgiven, and he is back to his cheerful self, licking us and following us everywhere. If that was a person, we would be upset for days after the incident, sometimes the anger would last so long that we would actually forget what it is that we are angry about. Life Lesson: Forgive and move on.

There are no limits to his love, there is nothing that we can say or do that is going to make him love us any less. His endearment is continually overflowing and also comforting when we need it most. The most astounding thing about his love is that he expects absolutely nothing in return. Life Lesson: Love unconditionally and without expectations.

Enjoy your meal

WOW if ever you have seen someone enjoy their food, watch a dog with a new bone or fresh bowl of food. I doubt there is much that anyone can do to distract Gizmo when he is eating. And he makes everything he eats seems so delicious. Wouldn’t it be nice if we enjoyed every meal that we consumed with that same kind of appreciation and enjoyment? Life Lesson: Enjoy and appreciate every plate of food you are blessed to have.

Happy for life

No matter what happened the day before, or what the day holds, Gizmo always gets up happy, and it actually seems as though he is excited for the day. Tail wagging and excited to see us. Should we not do the same? Leave yesterday just there in yesterday, and worry about the stress of later, later, waking up happy to be alive and enjoy another day. Life Lesson: Always wake up happy

We have enough

Gizmo does not care how clean the house is, what clothes we have on, what car we drive, how much we earn or what food he is being given, – he reminds us that we always have enough! Life Lesson: You have enough

Show the people we love that we care

When we get home, Gizmo bolts up to stand at the gate tail wagging and excited to see any of us. When my husband gets out that car, it is as if Gizmo has not seen him for years running in his direction for a “hello” Gizmo. Imagine how we would make someone feel if we were so excited every single time that we saw them?  The next time someone walks into your home, be it your husband/wife whom you see every day or a family member that you have not seen in a while, drop whatever you are doing and just rush over and show that person, mad love. Life Lesson: show that you care, be excited to see people

When you tired- take a nap

When Gizmo is tired, he takes a nap. The end no discussion no second thought he just goes and takes a nap. When possible if you are tired go take a power nap for a few minutes, it may be just what you need to reset for the remainder of the day. Life Lesson: take a nap

You are perfect just the way you are

I can be my authentic self, and he will love me just the way I am, no expectations, no terms and conditions just unconditional love for my husband and me.  Life Lesson: Firstly you are amazing just the way you are, secondly love people for who they are.

It is okay to make mistakes

I have watched Gizmo stumble and fall still continuing to do silly things throughout the day, making mistakes, learning and moving on from them. Life Lesson: If you make mistakes – ITS OKAY! Realize what you have done, learn your lesson and move on!

We should strive to emulate the qualities of our dogs; our lives may just be better for it!

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.” – Josh Billings

What life lessons have you learnt from your dog?

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  1. I have always said I love my dogs because they are ALWAYS happy to see me. I can come home and count on those butts to be wiggling and them to be doing their happy dance. Dogs are great?

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