Inhale the good sh!t exhale the bullsh!t

Inhale the good sh!t exhale the bullsh!t

How to calm the overthinking mind?

How to get rid of all negative thoughts? I wish there were a simple solution. A clear and precise step-by-step guide on how to silence the mind that overthinks and replays the same scenario repeatedly? The mind often exaggerates or imagines scenarios that are yet to take place.

Well, I don’t think that is a set formula. I also do not think that is a one shoe fits all approach.

I feel that the answer lies in getting to know ourselves better. Understanding the inner world of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. We also must understand that memories and experiences can impact our outer world and how we react in specific situations and scenarios.

Firstly, can we agree that we are the creator of our own thoughts? No one else should be held accountable for what our thoughts are. We (humans) tend to blame others for how we feel. They have upset me. She irritates me, he annoys me, and she made me so angry today. They have insulted me. In an instant, we give away our power to the next person. Or we live by the premise that people have so much power and control over us; they can control how we as individuals feel.

What we need to realise and accept is the following:

People will do what they believe is right. We have no control over the next person’s actions, thoughts, or words. The only thing we have control over is our own mind (thoughts and actions). Remember this “I am the creator of my own thoughts”. NO ONE else has power over what I feel, what I think, how I react or what I do. I think it starts with being accountable for your feelings and your reactions. Do not allow anyone to have power over how you feel.

How to calm the disturbed mind? Breath, it is funny how we need to breathe to live, yet we forget to breathe. I mean, really breathe, inhale the good sh1t (oxygen), take it in, and let it permeate your body. Focus on your breathing, like focus on the air being inhaled and flowing through your body. This should also assist with regulating your breathing. What works for me is that on every exhale, I imagine myself breathing out the person or situation that I have been focusing on, the disturbance to my mind…lol

Inhale the good sh1t, and exhale all the thoughts and feelings that make you restless. With every breath, exhale and watch it all float away. Here is where you can get creative. As you exhale, imagine what works for you, imagine the thought/person or experience floating away, imagine it being burnt to smoke on every exhale, imagine water washing it away, the wind blowing it away. Whatever works for you, laugh about it, make it fun but let it go. After that, think of something that makes you happy, that makes your heart smile and should smile and focus your attention on that thought; how does it make you feel? Remember, energy flows where energy goes. So focus your energy on the good stuff in your life, and that’s where the energy will flow. If you focus on the negative and allow your mind to run wild with these thoughts, that is where your energy will flow, and you will be stuck in a rather sad circle of negative thinking that will be very difficult to move past. Let go and let life flow…..

To summarise

We are all trying to get through this thing called life.

Remember, we live, learn, grow, and experience! Share your thoughts on what works for you when trying to calm your overactive mind.

  • Inhale the good sh1t (oxygen)
  • Exhale the bullsh!t (negative thoughts)
  • Energy flows where energy goes (focus on the positive ONLY)

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