I am Grateful!

I am Grateful!

Hello to everyone trying to get through life

The world is in a state of panic, and we are overwhelmed with anxiety and fear. This mindset can lead us to forget all that we have to be grateful for. We start to take everyday blessings for granted and fall into a pattern of self-pity.

My Pity Party

Just the other day I was throwing myself a “pity party’ of note! I was thinking about how I would have to postpone the holiday we had planned and became gloomier because I am going to spend my upcoming birthday at home. Which led to thoughts about how much I miss ordering take out on a Friday. It also occurred to me that for the remainder of the year, I will probably not see family and friends, and this made me feel even more sorry for myself.

It was a “Pity Party” of note, and this thought process went on for most of the day. It made me feel sad, and my spirits were low. It was almost as if the more I thought about how horrible a situation I am in, the more my mind thrived on the thought and delved deeper into self-pity.

Reality Check

Later that day, I received a message from a friend that earns a living by washing cars he was asking for money to buy food. His request was not substantial; it was to cover a few basics like bread, milk and a few cans of tinned food. After reading this message, I felt discomfort. I sat with this for a moment, trying to figure out why this text made me feel the way that I did? Then it occurred to me that I felt guilty. I just spent the day indulging in self-pity when there are people out there that don’t have food; there are people that don’t have a roof over their heads, there are others that don’t have clean running water. All of these are basics that we so easily take for granted. The fact that you can read this post and I am able to access the internet and upload it means that you and I are off the privileged 56% of the population of the world that has access to the internet.  

We spend all this time thinking about the negative that we forget we have so much to be grateful for in our lives.

Never forget how much we have!

This led me to start a gratitude journal. This journal serves as a reminder of all that I have in my life to be grateful for.  This feeling of gratitude led to me adding more items to the list, the longer my list grew, the more my spirits lifted, and the happier I felt. I began adding the people in my life; experiences had, memories made and the smiles that brighten my days. I went as far as adding mistakes made because I realised that it helped me grow and that I am grateful to have had that experience. We take so much for granted.  If anything, be grateful to be alive!

21 Day Gratitude Challenge

I ask you to join me in this 21-day challenge. Everyday list three things that you are grateful for, if more than three items come to mind, that’s okay. Try not to repeat anything. Once you jot down these three items (or more), reflect and think about what you have written. After some reflection, whisper a “thank you” to the universe for all your blessings. When you feel that feeling of self-pity creeping up on you, just think back to a few of the items on your list, smile, and remember that you have more than what you don’t have.

My new normal is being grateful for all that I have in my life. What is your new normal?

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