A tribute to my Mother on her 60th Birthday

A tribute to my Mother on her 60th Birthday

As you grow up, your parents are the first relationships you experience of love and emotions. Our mothers are our life-givers, instructors, caregivers, cheerleaders, and the foundation of who we are! She stands behind her children in whatever situation, guiding and supporting them on their life’s path!

We often overlook the fact that our parents have had their own life experiences, some positive and some negative. As you become older, your group of friends reduces, and without realizing it, your mom becomes your best friend.

The day my Mother became my best friend.

The day my Mother became my best friend is the day that I saw the child in her. I saw the woman in her, the person that had her own life traumas and experiences that has made her into who she is today.

The crazy love from my Mom

Mom, the only one who can give me objective and pragmatic advice.

Mom will do things for me without expecting anything in return. Where can one find such a selfless, genuinely kind person? Home at mom’s house!

Moms, power to use her words in my defence has never failed me. In fact, her old school attitude is what keeps me grounded and motivated.

We’ll talk on the phone for hours just so she can hear about the minute details of my day. 

She will make an effort to stock up on my favourite foods even if I am only visiting for the day.

Mom naturally enjoys my Birthday even more than her own; to her the day I was born is the best day of her life.

In my perspective, Mom was my first celebrity. Her style has inspired mine because it was her closet that I ransacked first. My Mother’s wardrobe is still brimming with the most magnificent clothes, shoes, and jewellery to this day.

Mom is with me whenever I do something stupid since she is always my first phone call.

She has immense patience for practically everything I do, including my trivial drama. Don’t get me wrong, her therapy sessions don’t come without tough love, but then again, that’s why I go to her.

Mom is like a detective; no matter how many times you tell her that “it’s nothing,” she’ll figure out what’s wrong. Even if you take it out on her impulsively, she’ll hear you out.

Mom, you have the innate power to make everything okay. Your kind embrace or wise words have helped me through some of my darkest days! Because of your unwavering devotion, courage, inspiration, love, and support, I am who I am today. I consider myself extremely blessed to have you as my Mother.

Tell her you love her

If you’re fortunate enough to have your Mother in your life, regardless of your relationship, call her and tell her, you love her! Whatever your current relationship with her is, you will have no one who loves you more than your mama.

Happy 60th Birthday Mom

To my mom, I salute you. You have been both mom and dad to us for the last 10 Years! Thank you! I love you and wish you the Happiest of Birthdays!

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