Love Yourself!

Love Yourself!

Hello to everyone trying to get through life

Just an observation but there are more make- up tutorials, and TV shows that are about makeovers than before. Are we not happy with ourselves? Why are we continually making a concerted effort to change the way we look? Social media is the worst for our confidence, everyone on social media seems to be so good looking, with long eyelashes and voluptuous lips. It is incredible what smartphone filters can do for a person.

One of the aspects that I am enjoying most about this lockdown is the fact that I do not have to get “dressed up” every morning. It is interesting though every time I walk past the mirror, I avoid looking at it. If I do, I am so critical of what I see. “look at those dark circles around your eyes, you have another mark ” is what I say to myself. 

Loving the exposed me

Don’t misunderstand me, I enjoy being stylish and dressed up. But I should equally love the exposed & original me. When I look at myself without makeup or blow-dried hair, I should love what I see.

Stop with the self-criticism & judgement

Let us free ourselves from our own expectations of how much we should weigh, what clothes we should wear and how we should look! If you love gyming great, eat healthily and do your thing. If you love makeup, you do you and “rock that look”. If you have a craving for that slice of cake, eat it and enjoy doing so, don’t feel guilty. We need to stop being so harsh with ourselves.

Take a moment look yourself straight in the eye and admire your own beauty inside and out. You don’t need expensive clothing, you don’t need a fancy hairstyle, you don’t need to shave, that natural you, that body that you have been blessed with is unique and is a magnum opus just as it is.

Look in the mirror and compliment the reflection you see looking at back at you and STOP WITH THE SELF CRITICISM & JUDGEMENT!

Love yourself, be yourself

Own who you are, be yourself, LOVE yourself! Instead of being critical when you look in the mirror, compliment yourself, smile back at that person you see, admire the flaws, look beyond, and you might just be pleasantly surprised. Let go of your fears of not fitting in. You are beautiful, just the way you are!

 RuPaul says’ ” If you can’t love yourself how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?”

My new normal is loving my original and exposed self! What is your new normal?

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