5 Tips on how to Let Go and Surrender

5 Tips on how to Let Go and Surrender

Are you holding onto anger?

Are you holding onto pain?

Are you holding onto a bad experience?

Are you holding on to a past relationship?

Are you holding onto what someone said or did last week or last year?

Are you holding onto a life that once was?

Are you holding on to regrets?

Are you holding to hurtful memories?

Are you holding onto someone else’s baggage, experiences, and pain?

Our life is made up of thousands and thousands of experiences. Some of these experiences made us stronger, inspired us whilst some taught us invaluable lessons. On the other hand, there are those that challenged us, shaped our characters, hurt us or even made us cry. We need to decide which of the above we would like to hold onto and which we need to let go off because it is doing us more harm than good.

Stop holding on to what no longer serves you

We keep living in the past – most of the time it is unintentional. We also hold onto emotions, pain and feelings that no longer serve us. We hold on with all our might. We hold on so tight as if our lives are dependent on it. Walking around with all of this baggage can be tiring and definitely takes its toll on a person. We hold onto pain and hurt for so long that it often becomes a safety blanket or a crutch that we depend on. We hold onto bad experiences in the fear that if we don’t hold onto it, it never happened. In other instances, we feel sorry for ourselves and revel in the pain.

We are giving so much of our power away to the past, perhaps the time has come for us to take stock of our lives? Let us come out from under the cover and set ourselves free by letting go…

Letting go of what no longer serves you! Holding onto these negative emotions is impacting on who you are. Even more than that, it’s allowing something that happened in the past to ruin your present. You are allowing people, experiences and situations to have so much control over you, it is weighing you down and holding you back from living your best life.

Let Go

Whisper to yourself or scream from a rooftop; “This is my life! Starting today, I LET GO OF ALL THAT NO LONGER SERVES ME!!” Set yourself free and just let go and allow the universe to take control.

I say this often, there is no quick fix for life, so this will take perseverance and time. Remember; you need to fix you because no one else is going to do this for you. 

5 Guidelines on how to let go of what no longer serves you;

  1. Acceptance- in order to heal, one has to first accept that there is something in our lives that requires our attention. Denying or forgetting is only a form of suppressing. 
  2. Self-Talk- Journaling is a form of self-talk. A rather safe way to be candid with yourself, bringing through more empathy for yourself without the fear of being judged by another.  You get to list all the good and the bad, as well as have the opportunity to reflect on what you have written and have a discussion as to why you may be holding onto those things and with time, find means and ways to work on resolving them.
  3. Feel the pain– when something uncomfortable comes up, feel it. Let that sensation be felt in every inch of your being, in the knowing that this too shall pass.
  4. Outgrow– give time, some time, in your healing process, and soon you will outgrow some of the things that you held onto. Be kind and patient with yourself.
  5. Forgive– Forgiveness in no way excuses the behaviour or action against you; it merely prevents someone else’s behaviour from affecting you. When you are done with forgiving the world, remember to forgive yourself too! Look at yourself in the mirror and forgive yourself. For as they say; “Forgiveness is an act of Self – Love”

You owe it to yourself to be happy. So let go of what no longer serves you and be the YOU that you deserve to be.

The following is from Ushma Mistry, a seasoned Specialised Kinesiologist and multi-modality healing therapist;

Part of growing up is letting go of what was and embracing what is. Whilst it may not be the easiest thing to do at times, it is certainly necessary for us to grow and progress on our journey through life. The things we hold onto more often than not relate to the past, whether we’re seeking retribution or justification as to why things happened the way they did, we are ultimately keeping ourselves stuck!

How much you value your life, whether it’s ‘Living Life to the Fullest’ or ‘Embracing and Living your True Potential’ is another factor to consider in letting go. More so, your level of accountability and responsibility. Neither of which has to do with blame, shame or guilt but rather owning your authentic power. When you are accountable, you accept what is and responsibility allows you to step into the realm of choice; choose to do something or not. (Bear in mind that when you say “I have no choice”, you are indeed choosing so”.

So what can one do?

  • Make a list of all the things you’d like to accomplish in your life. Something tangible that you can assess by a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly review.
  • Next to each point you’ve listed, write down why. As in the reason why you’d like to have accomplish that; for example, it can be to feel great, if it’s regular exercise, or  to keep healthy and have more energy and vitality, if it’s adopting a healthier eating plan, etc
  •  Next, list all the things you hold onto, and the reasons why you are unable to let go.
  • Now compare the two lists; (1) your plans for life versus (2) what you’re holding onto. Which list brings you more energy, enthusiasm, joy and lightness?

Without a doubt, it’s your plans for life – For there is a far more generative and creative force and energy to it than your past! Focus on that and following through on taking action steps, especially when you happen to find yourself taking the slip road to the past. As Louise Hay, so eloquently said, “The point of power is always in the present moment”, so claim the present moment and allow yourself to step into living a truly authentic life because you are worth it!

8 thoughts on “5 Tips on how to Let Go and Surrender

  1. Love the post… simple, practical and good tips… I like the part about owning your authentic power… Authenticity is about what you Think, Feel, Do and Say is in alignment with your soul’s desires and with your truth…
    It is a True sense of empowerment… Would love for hear your thoughts on owning your authentic power! Authenticity and Self Empowerment is close to my heart and I love the fact that you are a proponent of us being able to make choices to heal ourselves. I do believe that we are our greatest healers and the experts in our life and what is good for it. Would love to see the next posts suggesting simple tips on owning our authentic power.
    Hope these posts grow from strength to strength.

    1. Thank you for sharing your feedback and thoughts on this topic. It is so nice to hear that someone can relate to the content.
      I will add definitely add “owning your authentic power” to my list of topics.

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